About Us

Helping businesses link their daily activities to strategic results.

About us

Our vision is to To become the leading business transformation
human resource

Savvy HR Solutions, an offshoot of SPNS Consulting with about two decades of professional practice, is a STRATEGIC human resources management firm with strength in the enhancement of human resources management activities for businesses.

Generating returns on investment from the manpower base of an organization is deeply a function of strategic human resources management practice.

Research has showed that most human resources management practitioners focus mainly on the traditional and administrative aspects of human resources management due to limiting factors, hence not giving their respective organizations.

SavvyHRSolutionsisouttoassistorganizations in the transformation of their human resources management functionalities from just operations to become more strategic hereby increase manpowerproductivityandboostingorganizational growth.

The core strength of Savvy HR Solutions canbe captioned as: Helping businesses link their daily activities to strategic results. SavvyHRSolutionsisrenownedforexpertise in Strategic Human Resource Management, which aims enabling organizations achieve their overall business objectives.

  • We are an indigenous consulting firm operating within a global framework. Our practice span across the continent of Africa.
  • About 35,045 hours committed to research and development as well as clients' project execution across various sectors of the economy.
  • Our functional practice provides for the major areas of general management consulting practice without losing focus of our key focus areas
  • We apply industry-wide tested consulting tools alongside our in-house developed tools towards the provision of solutions on client’s projects.
  • Our primary functional practices are; Business Process & Performance Management