Establishing The Right Business Eco-System

IT is rare to find African companies that are over a 100 years old. This is largely because of myriads of factors, but one key fact is that many entrepreneurs value relationships more than systems. Relationships a very important, no doubt, that is how we survive and get many opportunities in Nigeria.However, any entrepreneur who desires to have a business that would run independent of him, giving him the much needed time to be with his family, travel for up to a month on vacation without any panic attacks must learn to build business systems and processes.

to survive, entrepreneurs must move beyond the “one-man-gang” mind-set of leadership, where founders, either directly or indirectly, frustrate ideas that do not originate from them and new systems that do not fuel their ego as the central figures of relevance. The rest of the developed world has moved on from this model of leadership to accomplish great things.

A leadership system that is entrenched in an “off the chart” high-power-distance(Geert Hofstede) would produce a culture with an unprecedented dimension of group think. According to NapoleonD Bonaparte, “leaders are merchants in hope”, leaders inspire and facilitate new ways of thinking and behaving, they raise other leaders not an ecosystem of followers who cannot take initiative because the company culture has been subtly designed to punish the innovators-the people who “push the envelope”, the outliers.